Passholder Preview Review: Magic Kingdom 2020

Hello Disney Tricksters,

This Trick is all about how to have an enjoyable day at Magic Kingdom under the new precautions and what Magic Kingdom was like during the Passholder Preview!


There are many new regulations for entering the Walt Disney World Parks! At Magic Kingdom guests are now asked to wear a mask the entire time they are there. Guests are able to remove their mask while eating at restaurants or taking active bites/sips of food/drinks. Temperature screenings are in effect and occur before you enter the park. Anyone with a fever of 100.4 or above will be turned away, along with their party.

Guests staying at a Disney resort are dropped off at the bus loop while guests who bring their car have a bit of a different experience. Disney is currently spacing out the timing of guests parking in the lot. That means that only a certain amount of cars are being let in at a time. This is allowing for the spacing of one open parking space between each car and allows for less people to be in line at the temperature/bag check, thus making it easier to socially distance. Guests who drive and park at the Magic Kingdom parking lot should know that trams are not running to the TTC. Guests must walk from their parking spot to the temperature screenings that take place right in front of the bag check. As of now, guests walk through metal detectors with their bags but must take anything made of metal (including metal waterbottles) out of their bags before doing so. If the alarm goes off, then that guest is subject to additional screening by a security cast member. Once through the bag check, guests may choose to take the ferry or the monorail. Note: the resort monorail is not currently running. Guests who choose to take the ferry will be directed to stand on a 6 foot spaced dot on the ground on the ferry during the ride. Guests who choose to take the monorail will have a monorail car to themselves and there is a divider between each area of the monorail car.

The line to scan tickets has gone down drastically because of the well timed spacing. There are specific entrance and exit points for the parks and the shops so please take note of all signs. Cast Members are counting how many people are entering and exiting the store with an active counter so that the stores are at low capacity. There may be lines to get into some stores or even virtual queues! Fastpasses are not currently being distributed and mobile ordering is required at all quick services so be sure to download the mydisneyexperience app.

There are no fireworks but there have been a few cavalcades with princesses and other characters riding through the park on the parade route throughout the day. Be sure to watch for these as they typically bring out more characters later in the day! We saw Merida, Tiana, Rapunzel, Snow White, Cinderella, the Evil Stepsisters, Gaston, Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald, Daisy, Rabbit, Eeyore, Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Mary Poppins, Aladdin, Tinkerbell, the country bears and Gaston on a horse!

Rides are being cleaned frequently! Guests also have either a row in between them and the next family or even an entire car to themselves depending on family size and ride vehicle type. There are sanitizer stations at the entrance and exit of every ride. There are hand washing stations throughout the park as well! Relaxation stations are currently located in Tomorrowland (near the Plaza bathrooms) and Adventureland (near Pirates of the Caribbean) where guests can sit down and take their masks off at socially distanced tables.


The mornings are the most crowded time to be at the parks right now. Entering has been well staggered but if you show up right at opening there will be a longer wait. One major trick would be to show up around 10AM/11AM and spend the entire day there until close. That is the best use of time in my opinion. I found the park to empty around 2 PM as many guests come very early and get exhausted from walking/the heat so that is a great time to ride some of the longer line-rides. It is quite difficult to measure the wait times right now so rides may say 30 minutes but have truly only been 10-20 minute waits. Don’t get discouraged by the wait time signs! Most Cast Members wear masks and a face shield so please be sure to speak louder as it is tough for them to hear behind plexiglass/a faceshield. We are all learning, so if a Cast Member points out a safety measure that may have been missed by you please don’t take it personally! I accidentally walked back in a store right after exiting and they kindly told me to look for the signs and to please use the entrance next time. Be sure to bring extra masks to change into as the day goes on and bring coffee filters! I know-it’s a weird request BUT sweat will happen and using coffee filters to dab the sweat away from my face was the best thing I did! It helped cool me down faster too! Be sure to drink a lot of water throughout the day to stay hydrated!


We had the most incredible time at Magic Kingdom during Passholder Preview. I also had many friends attend opening day who had attended the preview and said this: the crowds were a little larger on opening day but still very limited. Lines for rides stated 30-45 minutes but were only 20-30 minutes at most. This is the perfect time to ride rides and take some once in a lifetime photos. Your safety is up to YOU! If you do not personally feel safe being out at the theme parks then it is YOUR decision to stay home and not attend the parks. Personally I have felt extremely safe, socially distant and happy with the new precautions that Disney has taken to make guests feel that way. They have definitely invested in the safety of their cast members and their guests. We even met Bob Chapek and Josh D’amaro during our Passholder Preview and they asked how we felt about the new safety precautions! Such an incredible time to go to Disney and a once in a lifetime experience awaits!

Low crowds all day!
Absolutely noone in photos!
The emptiest I have ever seen the castle area!
Entrance to Magic Kingdom at 9 AM with no line due to staggering the number of guests entering!
A very unique, low crowd experience throughout all of the lands at Walt Disney World.
Incredibly low crowds. This was taken at 3 PM during the Passholder Preview.

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