Otterly Adorable Experience at the Otter Grotto

Hello Disney Tricksters,

This Trick is all about seeing the brand new Otter Grotto presented by Otterbox at Animal Kingdom which opened at the end of April 2019.


Otter Grotto is a new exhibit at Animal Kingdom to view the adorable otters. This new experience allows guests to see a family of Asian small clawed otters play with one another. It is located across from Pizzafari. There are three sections of the grotto including two general viewing areas and an underwater viewing area that is downstairs under a boulder. The otter parents are named Luke and Nitnoy while their babies are actually triplets and named Raakshas, Pintar and Pitakee Pyaaree. You can learn more about the meanings of their names by visiting the exhibit!


This specific species is actually the smallest otter species and they love to be on land so you’re more likely to see them at the first viewing area that is upstairs. Visit in the early morning to see them extremely active! That’s when we first went; but, when we returned around lunch time they were sleeping. I’ve also heard that they are active in the late afternoon like most of the other animals at Animal Kingdom so that may be the best time to visit the park if you are looking for Animal Encounters.


I love this new, shaded exhibit. It is a great spot to relax at the park and watch some otters play! It would be great to eat dinner at Pizzafari or Tiffins, walk right over and relax by the otters. Otterbox sponsoring an otter exhibit is just the greatest thing! Plus this exhibit is quite large allowing the otters the space to swim or relax on land. I also like that there are three different areas to view the animals so that, no matter where they are, you’ll still be able to see them.

The Best Spot to See the Otters Mid-Day, to the Right of the Underwater Viewing Area.
The Entrance to Otter Grotto’s Underwater Viewing.
The Viewing Area to the Left After the Underwater Viewing.
Sleepy Otter Family Taking a Mid-Day Nap.

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