Racing in the Regatta Run at The Yacht Club Resort

Hello Disney Tricksters,

This Trick is all about running The Regatta Run, a 3k that takes place at The Yacht Club Resort every Thursday Morning at 8:00 AM.


The Regatta Run is a 3k run that starts by The Yacht Club Resort Lighthouse, follows the path to the bridge near Hollywood Studios, then back around the rest of the Boardwalk ending at The Yacht Club Resort Lighthouse. The Regatta Run takes place every Thursday morning at 8:00 AM and fills up pretty quickly! To book a spot, call 1-(407)WDW-PLAY (939-7529). Check in is by the Yacht Club Resort Lighthouse where participants also sign a waiver then receive their bib and can take photos with fun, themed props. The run begins and there are signs/cast members all around to guide everyone along the route. It is not a timed race, just a fun run. Once the guests make it to the finish line, the goody bags are waiting. There are three designs of goody bags but what is actually inside is the same in each: a set of headphones, a Disney pin, and sunglasses.


Guests are able to book a spot the day of the event by going to the front desk and asking about it; but, to best guarantee a spot, be sure to book in advance. The day we went it was completely sold out and there were about 25 people there! Show up at 7:30 AM to allow for plenty of time to park and find the check-in area. Park at the Yacht Club as that is where it begins even though it is considered the Yacht and Beach Club Regatta Run. Grab breakfast at their Marketplace for Mickey Waffles and more after the race. Snacks are provided but they are fruit and granola bars which you can take as many of as you’d like!


I was genuinely surprised to see so many people at the run! I absolutely loved the goody bag that was given out at the end and really enjoyed running the 3k. Many other resorts have similar runs that are around the hotel but this one had the best goody bag and route in my opinion. Being able to run to Hollywood Studios was extremely rewarding and I felt as though I accomplished so much by 8:30 AM! It was a great way to start the day and I would definitely do this fun run again!

Julie, Angie and Myself at the Regatta Run with Some of the Props Before the Run
One of the Fun Spots we Ran by at the Boardwalk
A Pair of Headphones, a Disney Pin and Sunglasses are in the Goody Bags
Props at the Regatta Run

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