My 3 Favorite Drinks at Oga’s Cantina

Hello Disney Tricksters,

This Trick is all about how to enjoy Oga’s Cantina at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.


Oga’s Cantina is an incredible “table service” spot where guests of all ages can enjoy a fun atmosphere and Star Wars themed drinks. Oga’s Cantina truly brings the spirit of Star Wars to life. DJ R-3X will steal your heart with his love song dedicated to Alli son son who speaks during the safety video at Star Tours. The majority of the Cantina is standing room only but there are some booths! 45 minutes is allotted to each party and it is kept to a tight schedule. There is an alcoholic and non-alcoholic side to each menu which I have included below. Reservations are definitely needed for Oga’s and the only food that is served is a incredible sugar cookie with the blue milk.


“Ya-Kola Ah-Tima” means cheers on this planet so be sure to practice saying it before you go! Check in with your entire party and you can arrive up to 15 minutes early so be sure to do that. There are cast members with ipads walking around to record when the seats and standing spots are empty to alert the hostess to bring the next party in so walk around and explore the Cantina at the end of your reservation. They were not taking any walk ups when we went and likely won’t for the first few months of opening so be sure to snag a reservation up to 180 days in advance.

If you are going for a preview: be sure to check-in for Oga’s Cantina right when you get through the entrance as the times that are given are a first come, first serve basis meaning if you wait to check-in until later, you will get a late reservation. We went right at 5 and received a 6:35 PM return time.


Oga’s Cantina is absolutely incredible and one of my favorite experiences at Galaxy’s Edge. I can’t wait to go back and show my entire family the fun drinks and atmosphere. My three must-try drinks are the Fuzzy TaunTaun, T-16 Skyhopper and The Outer Rim. If you want a drink more similar to a shot try the Jet Juice.

Front of Menu with Non-Alcoholic Options
Back of Menu with Alcoholic Features
Blue: Jedi Mind Trick, Red: Yub Nub, Light Green Right: Dagobah Slug Slinger, Bright Green Back: T-16 Skyhopper
Left: The Outer Rim and Right: Fuzzy TaunTaun

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