Walt Disney World Galaxy’s Edge Preview 2019

Hello Disney Tricksters,

This Trick is all about how I attended a Cast Member Galaxy’s Edge Preview at Walt Disney World and what the Passholder Previews may be like.


Cast Member Previews began in August of 2019 for Walt Disney World. A friend of mine had mentioned his friend backed out of going last minute so I jumped at the chance. Our preview was scheduled for 5 PM to 9 PM on August 11th, 2019. There are two entrances to Galaxy’s Edge but the Cast Preview entrance was at the entrance near The Muppets show. My friend had made a Oga’s Cantina reservation with his preview reservation so we went through the special event line at the park entrance, walked to the Galaxy’s Edge entrance, checked into the land and were immediately directed to the Oga’s Cantina check-in line. Once we checked into Oga’s Cantina at a special sign, we were given an official reservation time card and could arrive at Oga’s up to 5 minutes early. During the preview Cast Member discounts applied to food and Blue/Green milk. Discounts could not be applied on Merchandise for Cast Members, Annual Passholders or DVC. The wait for Smuggler’s Run was 45 minutes when we arrived at 5 PM but went down to 10 minutes by 8 PM. I could have spent my whole day just exploring and interacting with the incredible Cast Members. I will be posting additional blog posts on each experience and area at Galaxy’s Edge.


Be sure to check-in for Oga’s Cantina right when you get through the entrance as the times that are given are a first come, first serve basis meaning if you wait to check-in until later, you will get a late reservation. We went right at 5 and received a 6:35 PM return time. Also, spend most of your time checking out the details in shops like Droid Depot because during previews is the best time to view all of the details with low crowds. Ride Smuggler’s Run later in your preview time slot, most people head there first.


Galaxy’s Edge definitely lives up to the hype. From the engaging cast members to the incredible engineering of the land, Galaxy’s Edge does not disappoint. Any type of fan will have a great time in the land as there is shopping, drinks, snacks and the incredible Smuggler’s Run. Be sure to sign up for email updates as I will be posting more information on each experience/area of Galaxy’s Edge.

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