Get Your Hands on a Gideon’s Bakehouse Cookie at Disney Springs

Hello Disney Tricksters,

This Trick is all about how to buy a coveted, Gideon’s Bakehouse Cookie at Disney Springs!


Gideon’s Bakehouse is an award-winning bakery in Orlando that sells incredible cookies. They are covered in chocolate chips and other tasty sugars. Their cookies sell out every single day in Orlando but they have partnered with The Polite Pig restaurant at Disney Springs to sell fresh cookies at 11 AM and 4 PM each day when available. The fresh cookie deliveries are made daily. They only sell Sea Salt Chocolate Chip cookies and they are $8 each.


My major trick to getting this cookie is to go right at 11 AM when they are delivered. They have VERY limited quantities and sometimes don’t even receive a shipment at 4 PM so if guests really want one they must be right on time at 11 AM. We arrived at 11:10 AM and got the last cookie on a Wednesday showing that, no matter what day I went, they sold out almost immediately! They are well worth the challenge!


This is my favorite cookie of all time and I love that Disney is partnering with local bakeries to bring award winning treats to their guests. The cookies are well worth taking the time to stop by and, if you are right on time at 11 AM, you’ll have no issue purchasing one. Be sure to grab a Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie from Gideon’s Bakehouse at The Polite Pig next time you are at Disney Springs.

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