REVIEW: Disneyland’s Princess Breakfast Adventure at Napa Rose

Hello Disney Tricksters,

This Trick is all about how to have the best time at Disneyland’s Princess Breakfast Adventure at Napa Rose in Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa.


Disneyland’s Princess Breakfast Adventure is nestled in Napa Rose inside of Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa overlooking Disney’s California Adventure Park. This dining experience is available Thursday through Monday only between 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM. Guests are first taken into a room and given champagne (over 21) and listen to a guitarist while they await their name to be called. They are then guided into the main dining room. Guests are given a three course breakfast as pictured below with treats inspired by all of the Princesses. Two of the courses are brought to the table but the main course is a buffet. As the Princesses come by the table, guests are able to take photos and speak with them for quite a bit of time! Adults are given a glass of champagne and a box of Princess chocolates while the children are given an autograph book, pen and the choice of a gorgeous crown necklace or a sword. Once the meal is finished, guests are taken outside for an adventure with two princesses and a final, indoor portrait session. Guests are given a special Princess Breakfast Adventure photopass card loaded with the photos from the portrait session. The price for this experience is $125 per person, ages 3+ and no discounts can be applied as this is a signature restaurant experience. The princesses vary but we saw: Pocahontas, Aurora, Moana, Belle, Tiana, and Ariel.


Be sure to make a reservation 60 days in advance as this breakfast experience sells out quickly. Most of the young children attend the earliest times; so, if you are going with an older group like we did, be sure to make a reservation between 10:30 AM and Noon.


Guests are immediately encompassed in a calm, royal experience that is a slower pace than most character dining experiences. I am used to running from the buffet to my table to meet a character. But here, as if magically, the Princesses come by right on time. What I mean by that is that the Princesses come by one at a time as you are eating each course of the meal. Then, at the end, you are able to truly embark on an adventure with a Princess such as reading a story with Belle or speaking with Moana about her adventures. This is a MUST DO at Disneyland for guests of all ages! Disneyland’s Princess Breakfast Adventure is the best Character/Princess Dining Experience that I have ever had and that is saying a LOT! As someone who visited the parks twice a month with my family and has eaten at every restaurant at Walt Disney World/most of the restaurants at Disneyland, I can tell you that this restaurant is the best Character Dining Experience Disney offers.

Don’t Forget to Sign the Guest Book
One of the Games in the First Hall
Bread Platter Brought to the Table
Appetizer Platter Brought to the Table
There is a Large Variety on the Buffet
Main Dining Room
Aurora Inspired Dessert
Ariel Inspired Macarons
Variety of Desserts Brought to the Table Inspired by the Princesses
Photopass Card Given to Guests After the Portrait Session
Necklace Given to Children
Princess Chocolates Given to Adults at the End of the Breakfast

One thought on “REVIEW: Disneyland’s Princess Breakfast Adventure at Napa Rose

  1. I also think this is the best character dining experience ever! I love how you have so much detail in your blog! I feel like I’m right there having breakfast with the Princesses.


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